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Have a speaker come talk to your organization about the Regional Transportation Plan / SCS

The Regional Transportation Plan for Fresno County is a very important document.  It helps prioritize transportation projects and spending within Fresno County through 2042.

Public participation and feedback is critical to the success of this process.   The public provides important feedback on what projects they deem important through the selection of a preferred scenario.

The process starts with the selection of four preferred scenarios.  The public provides valuable feedback at one of several workshops help throughout Fresno County.  For those unable to attend one of the many public events, information and the ability to vote is made available online.

Fresno COG staff is available to talk to your organization about this process, the Regional Transportation Plan and the Sustainable Communities Strategy.  Complete the contact form provided on this page and we will contact you to discuss.

Some of the information that we need is of course the name of your organization, your name and contact information as well as some information about your organization.

When we contact you, we are going to want to know what type of organization you are, how much time you think we will have to speak, and how many people you expect to be there.  As a result, you might want to include the answers to those questions in the form as well.

2018 RTP / SCS Presentation in English

2018 RTP / SCS Presentation in Spanish

Information about you and your organization